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In association with the immigrants' rights organization Otros Dreams en AcciónLos Otros profiles three undocumented individuals as they rebuild their lives in Mexico City.  Separated from family and starting all over with nothing, they attempt to forge new lives in the shadow of a broken immigration system and a country not prepared for their return. 


Brooklyn Film Festival 2020

deadCenter Film Festival - Best Documentary Short 2020

Athens International Film + Video Festival 2020

Cinefest - Semi-Finalist 2020

Sedona Film Festival 2020

Filmfest DC 2020

Destiny City Film Festival 2021

Humano Film Festival, Mexico 2019

North Dakota Human Rights Film Festival 2019

A Show for a Change - Storytelling Award 2019

Director & Producer  -  Monica Pendergrass

Co-Director, Cinematographer, & Editor  -  Eric Baldetti

Executive Producer  -  Jonathan Stein @ Comotion

Associate Producer  -  Cactus Films

Sound Design  -  Max Braverman & Scott Burns

Music By  -  Kevin Lax  &  Orlando Perez Rosso

Colorist  -  Asa Fox  @  Encore Hollywood

Location Scout  -  Rodrigo Pérez Montes

Subtitle Translator  -  Frances Pabon,  Daniel Silva  &  Adriana Fernandez